PIMS Education Programs Attract Local Support

  • Date: 01/23/2013

Vancity has awarded PIMS a $6000 Community Project Grant to establish peer mentoring programs in Vancouver East Side Schools. Vancity’s grant program is investing for positive change in the community by supporting students’ growth and development in ways that contribute to our community in a socially responsible way.

PIMS’ peer mentorship program will enable aboriginal students to harness the experiences and knowledge they have gained and share it with other students. The mentees will be encouraged to reach their potential in mathematics, to excel, grow and succeed, while gaining insight and access to new skills and knowledge along the way. The mentors, who will oversee three to four students per year, will gain satisfaction by sharing their knowledge and expertise, and will develop a sense of pride from conducting meaningful work in their community. Mentors will receive a stipend for their contributions.

Thanks to the Vancity Community Grant program, PIMS will be able to continue and expand its peer mentoring programs, which also currently extend to Port Alberni and Vancouver Island. For just $1000, our peer mentorship programs reach four to five students for an entire school year.

PIMS’ educational outreach projects focus on enabling inner city aboriginal youths in the Lower Mainland and at First Nations schools throughout BC to acquire the necessary mathematical skills to enrol in post-secondary programs aimed at science, engineering and other technical professions.

For more information or to donate to PIMS’ educational outreach activities, please visit: www.pims.math.ca/fundraising