PIMS Congratulates Alejandro Adem on his Appointment as CEO and Scientific Director of Mitacs

  • Date: 01/08/2015
The Board of Directors and the staff at the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) congratulate their Director, Alejandro Adem, on his appointment as the CEO and Scientific Director of Mitacs, starting February 1, 2015. Mitacs is the largest independent not-for-profit organization in Canada focused on developing the next generation of researchers through a suite of cutting-edge programs connecting academia and industry and providing training opportunities for thousands of students and postdoctoral fellows from Canada and around the world.

Adem began his term as PIMS’ Director in July 2008 and was renewed for a second term in July 2013. Under his leadership, he has solidified PIMS’ position of as a leading mathematical institute in North America, with worldwide impact on the mathematical sciences and their applications. He has played an instrumental role in the establishment of many innovative programs that have had transformative effects on mathematical research and the training of students and post-doctoral fellows. Adem is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of British Columbia and holds the Canada Research Chair in Algebraic Topology. He is a distinguished mathematical scientist with a wealth of international scientific and administrative experience.

"Although we at PIMS are very sorry to lose Dr. Alejandro Adem as Director, we know that he will do an exceptional job in his new role as the CEO and Scientific Director of Mitacs" said Dr. Brian Russell, Chair of the PIMS Board. "Throughout his tenure as PIMS Director, Dr. Adem has provided outstanding leadership to our organization. His mathematical and scientific vision has vastly broadened PIMS role on both the Canadian and international stage. Equally important, he has consistently helped PIMS meet and exceed its funding targets at both the Federal and Provincial level. Most of all, I have valued Alejandro’s friendship and support during my role as Chairman of the PIMS board, and I wish him the best of luck in the future."

Adem said, “It was a great honour to serve as Director of PIMS, I am particularly grateful to its Board of Directors and the staff for their wonderful support. I am sure that PIMS will continue to thrive in the years to come."

On February 1, 2015, Martin Barlow, Mathematics Professor at UBC and Deputy Director at PIMS, will take over as acting Director until such time as a new Director is appointed.