COVID-19 Collaborations

  • Date: 04/01/2020

The federal government has announced a significant funding commitment to help partners and research teams spanning across universities to help combat COVID-19. This collaborative team includes the Fields Institute, AARMS, CRM, PIMS, PHAC, VIDO-Intervac, and NRC. The focus will be on the acceleration of manufacturing for a COVID-19 vaccine, as well as other infectious diseases. Researchers will also assess transmission risk, predict outbreak trajectories, and evaluate the effectiveness of COVID-19 interventions. Read more.


In British Columbia, Caroline Colijn (SFU) and Dan Coombs (UBC) are leading a 40+ person COVID-19 working group. Collaborating through Slack, Zoom, Github and JupyterHub, they are using mathematical modelling to analyze the various regional approaches, and the impact these interventions have on the infection dynamic.


Thomas Hillen has started a COVID-19 Physiology Research Group focused on what the virus does inside the body, how it interacts with immune response, and why older people die more often. The goal is to come up with a good mathematical model for this process. To join, please contact Thomas.