Alexander Bihlo Named Recipient of the 2018 CAIMS & PIMS Early Career Award in Applied Mathematics

  • Date: 05/03/2018

CAIMS and PIMS are pleased to announce Alexander Bihlo of Memorial University as the winner of the 2018 Early Career Award in Applied Mathematics.


Alexander Bihlo is a meteorologist and numerical analyst who currently holds a Tier II CRC position in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Memorial University. In the seven years since receiving his Ph.D., Dr. Bihlo has made over 30 peer-reviewed contributions to the literature.  His most significant work impacts climate modelling and refining computational approaches for real-world problems. In this way, Dr. Bihlo’s work highlights our greatest hopes for applied math by showing how it can support environmental stewardship, promote economic prosperity, and ultimately improve the lives of all Canadians.

Please join in celebrating the work of Dr. Bihlo and what promises to be an exciting career.

Dr. Bihlo will be presented with his award, and deliver a plenary lecture at the upcoming Annual Meeting of CAIMS*SCMAI at Ryerson University in June, 2018.