2018 IPSW Registration Closing August 7

  • Date: 08/03/2018

Registration closes on August 7th for the last, PIMS IPSW of the summer! 


Ideas from the mathematical sciences are constant, ubiquitous drivers of transformation in industries. In June 2018, the bcdata workshop, convened by PIMS with a dedicated JupyterHub environment hosted on AWS, generated technological advances in mining, shipping, health services, and digital communications industry sectors. Similar impacts emerged from 2017 bcdata workshop.


Industry participants report that the IPSW program is an excellent vehicle for identifying and recruiting talent for their companies. The IPSW interactions often lead to a change of perspective on the industry problem and, in some cases, have generated ideas with significant commercial impact.


The goal of the IPSW is to bring mathematicians to industrial problems that have never faced the mathematical mindset. It offers opportunities for young researchers to network, to test their knowledge, and to think outside the classroom on problems with real world impact. It puts mathematicians on the bleeding edge of technology, the economy and even public policy.


For full details on the 2018 IPSW in Calgary, and to register, follow this link: