The 2017 GMMIW & IPSW Are Open for Registration

  • Date: 05/15/2017


PIMS is pleased to announce that the 2017 Graduate Math Modelling in Industry Workshop (GMMIW) at the University of Manitoba, and the 2017 Industry Problem Solving Workshop (IPSW) being held at the CRM in Montreal, are now open for Registration. Both workshops will take place in August. Interested graduate and advanced undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for admission.

The GMMIW and IPSW represent a national collaboration between the five mathematical sciences institutes in Canada (AARMS, CANSSI, CRM, Fields and PIMS). These workshops aim to give graduate students in the mathematical sciences an exciting experience through working with real world problems that arise in industry. They are opportunities to see mathematics at work, meet peers and researchers, and learn more about the future of mathematics in industry as well as its growing role in economic innovation.
PIMS is especially excited that our newest member university, the University of Manitoba, will be hosting the 2017 GMMIW.

Financial support options are available for students interested in attending either event. Details on how to apply are available here:

2017 GMMIW Registration
2017 IPSW Registration
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