2011 YWCA Women of Distinction award for Malgorzata Dubiel

  • Date: 06/02/2011
Congratulations to Prof. Malgorzata Dubiel!


PIMS would like to congratulate SFU’s Malgorzata Dubiel who was awarded a YWCA 2011 Women of Distinction award in the Education, Training, and Development category.


Prof. Dubiel runs the annual ‘Changing the Culture’ workshop which is proudly supported by PIMS, as well as many other excellent education programs.


“Malgorzata strives to help students overcome “math anxiety.” With over 40 years of teaching she applies her experience to improving math education in Canada. She works with elementary school teachers and children to change the misconceptions about math that are formed at an early age. Malgorzata also established math camps, conferences and community outreach programs for students of all ages. Her contributions have encouraged many women to engage with and consider careers in mathematics, a field where women are still underrepresented. She is a recipient of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship, the SFU Excellence in Teaching Award and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences Education Prize.” http://www.ywcavan.org/content/About_the_2011_Women_of_Distinction_Recipients/1412.