Developed by PIMS and launched in August 2020, Math^Industry (Math to power industry) is a professional development school positioned to benefit Canadian economy and industry, while linking highly trained personnel to industry jobs.

Industry partners submit a math problem for teams to collaborate on. The program starts with a training boot camp (software best practices, coding, business, communications, project management), group collaborations with industry and faculty mentors, and create a funnel leading to job placements in industry.

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M2PI 2022

Math^Industry 2021 took place from July 11-29th, 2022. The final report for M2PI 2022 will appear here soon, please see the website for more details.

M2PI 2021

The final report for the 2021 edition of Math^Industry is now available.



M2PI 2020

The final report for the 2020 edition of Math^Industry is now available.