PIMS Lunchbox Lectures

  • 20-Feb-07

The Impact of Oil Viscosity Heterogeneity on Production Characteristics of Heavy Oil and Tar Sand (HOTS) Reservoirs

The world oil inventory is dominated by heavy oils and tar sand (HOTS) bitumens generated almost entirely by the process of biodegradation. This process is a biologically-driven, complex reactive diffusion-dominated in-reservoir oil alteration proces   more››

Calgary Place Tower (Shell)

  • 15-Feb-07

Networks in Physics and Biology

Dynamical processes associated with inhomogeneous network structure are proving themselves indispensable as the conceptual workhorse that quantitative science takes to dealing with biological, social and other complex phenomena. In this talk Dr. Pacz   more››

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  • 5-Dec-06

Some Applications of Mathematics in Multidimensional Signal Processing

Signals are embedded in physical media and they codify information within the spatio-temporal structure of that media. By definition, multidimensional (MD) signals are mathematically represented as a function of more than one independent dimension (o   more››

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  • 16-Nov-06

GEOBIA: GEO-Object-Based Image Analysis -- What it is and why you need it.

GEOBIA (pronounced ge-o-be-uh) is a recent sub-discipline of GIScience devoted to partitioning remote sensing (RS) imagery into meaningful image-objects, and assessing their characteristics through spatial, spectral and temporal scale. At its most fu   more››

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  • 19-Oct-06

Turbulent Transfer of Heat and Moisture in the Glacier Boundary Layer

Glaciers are retreating worldwide in response to climate change, but glaciologists are still struggling to provide accurate predictions of how quickly icefields will disappear from the landscape. One of the issues involves quantification of the wa   more››

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  • 21-Sep-06

Money Talks -- The Mathematics of Finance

In this talk we will give a brief, friendly introduction to some of the "higher" mathematics involved in modern finance (such as option pricing).   more››

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  • 18-Apr-06

Tax Incentives for Research and Development: Theory and Evidence

R&D differs from other types of investments for several reasons. One is that there are several market failures thought to be associated with R&D – knowledge spillovers, business stealing effects, asymmetric information in financial markets,   more››

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