PIMS Lunchbox Lectures

  • 24-Apr-08


The origin of the chemical elements that make up our world is one of the oldest most fundamental scientific questions. The universe after the Big Bang consisted only of hydrogen and helium with traces of lithium. All the other elements, including the   more››

Calgary Place Tower (Shell)

  • 17-Apr-08

Gas Hydrates: Evaluating Their Technical Producibility

It is estimated that the amount of natural gas trapped in hydrates around the world is roughly two orders of magnitude more than the recoverable gas in conventional reservoirs. Activities are underway in relation to a number of hydrate accumulations:   more››

Calgary Place Tower (Shell)

  • 25-Mar-08

Breast cancer detection with microwave imaging

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian women. Regular breast examination and imaging are suggested to promote early detection of this disease. However, X-ray mammography that is typically used for breast imaging, has acknowledged limi   more››

Calgary Place Tower (Shell)

  • 26-Feb-08

Some Mathematical Aspects of Earthquake Research

An earthquake is the motion produced when stress within the Earth builds up over a long period of time until it exceeds the strength of the rock, which then fails by breaking along a fault. Although catastrophic earthquakes are rare, earthquakes occu   more››

Calgary Place Tower (Shell)

  • 4-Dec-07

Computer Arithmetic and Cryptography

Computer arithmetic is a fascinating subject, and not at all the drudgery that most of us experienced in mastering the third 'R' of the three R's at school. Efficiency in performing computer arithmetic is of paramount importance to signal processing   more››

Calgary Place Tower (Shell)

  • 22-Nov-07

Compressive Sampling

Modern signal processing aims to capture physical signals in the form of sound, images, and scientific data by collecting enormous numbers of digital samples and manipulating them in a computer. Conventionally, the rule of thumb for sampling is given   more››

Calgary Place Tower (Shell)

  • 4-Oct-07

Scaling, universality and spatio-temporal clustering in seismicity and rock fracture phenomena

In this talk, Dr. Davidsen will give an overview of new methods from nonlinear sciences and complex network theory to characterize temporal and spatio-temporal clustering of point processes with a particular focus on their application to seismicity a   more››

University of Calgary

  • 27-Apr-07

Insights into the Indian Ocean Tsunami from GPS, Altimeters and Tide Gauges

The Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake and the subsequent Indian Ocean Tsunami caused colossal devastation. Understanding the distribution and timing of slip in such massive earthquakes and their potential to generate tsunamis is invaluable to the safety of   more››

Calgary Place Tower (Shell)

  • 29-Mar-07

Differentiating discontinuous functions and the modern generalization of differential equations

Any professional interested in mathematical modeling of physical processes or industrial problems will no doubt find this lecture invaluable. The topic to be presented, the theory of generalized functions, is crucial for the treatment of many problem   more››

Calgary Place Tower (Shell)

  • 13-Mar-07

Computer-aided Detection of Breast Cancer

The seminar will discuss the application of digital image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, content-based retrieval, data mining, and indexed atlas techniques to analyze mammograms for computer-aided diagnosis of breast cancer. The Un   more››

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