Geomathematics Program

PIMS facilitates collaborations between university and industry researchers working in geomathematics, with a particular focus on the oil and gas sector. PIMS serves as a facilitator and network resource, providing training of highly qualified personnel and the development of the mathematics involved in seismic imaging and related areas in geoscience. PIMS sponsors or otherwise supports the following activities:


Geomathematics Postdoctoral Fellowships in Alberta, including those held by Hugh Geiger (2003-05), Wentao Sun (2005-07), Dali Zhang (2007-11), Timur Akhunov (2011-13), Chris Harrison (2011-14), Vladimir Zubov (2012-14) and Ebrahim Ghaderpour (2016-18).


Industrial Workshops with problems in geomathematics:


Seismic and Medical Imaging, a satellite meeting of ICIAM (Vancouver, 2011)


BC Roundtable in Natural Gas Research (Vancouver, 2014) 


IMA Hot Topics Workshop on Hydraulic Fracturing (U Minnesota, 2015).


Graduate Training, with workshops including projects related to geomathematics:


IMA/PIMS Graduate Math Modelling in Industry Workshop in 2012 (Calgary)


IMA/PIMS Graduate Math Modelling in Industry Workshop in 2014 (Vancouver)


IMA/PIMS Graduate Math Modelling in Industry Workshop in 2015 (Minneapolis).


PIMS Industrial Problem Solving Workshop in 2015 (Saskatoon)       


A Multi-year Series of Summer Schools and Workshops in Geomathematics:


Seismic Imaging Summer School in 2006 (UCalgary)


PIMS Summer School on Seismic Imaging in 2009 (UWash)


Inverse Problems and Partial Differential Equations Summer School in 2012 (UWash)


Recent Developments in Numerical Methods for Seismic Inverse Problems and Applications in 2013 (UCalgary)


Advances in Seismic Imaging and Inversion in 2015 (UAlberta)


BIRS Workshop on Geophysical Simulation and Inversion in 2016 (Banff International Research Station)