Alberta Epigenetics Workshop 2017

  • Date: 11/24/2017
University of Calgary
  • Cristian Rios (Director, PIMS Calgary)
  • Edwin Wang
  • Quan Long
  • Marco Galo
  • Sam Yeaman
  • Jason de Konig

University of Alberta
  • Vakhtang Putkaradze (Director, PIMS Edmonton)
  • Russ Greiner
  • Randy Goebel
  • Michael Handzel
  • Giseon Heo - Topological Data Analysis Illustrated in Maltose-Binding Protein and DNA Sequences
  • Linglong Kong (Math & Stats) - 'A Review of Statistical Methods in Imaging Genetics'
  • Hassan Safouri
  • Alberta Innovates Center for Machine Learning: Cameron Schuler, Osmar Zaiane

University of Lethbridge

  • Igor Kovalchuk
  • Athan Zovoilis


  • Peter Farris
  • Edwin WangIndustry
  • Robert Fraser, CEO - Molecular You
  • Ivan Ozerov, Director - Insilico Medicine & YoungAI
  • MITACS – Obo Harding
  • Illumina
  • 23 and Me
  • IBM Watson



University of Calgary


The Alberta Epigenetics Network (AEN) in partnership with the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) is organizing a workshop November 24, 2017 in Calgary, which would:


1. Provide researchers and industry partners a platform to share current knowledge & trends, expertise, resources, and challenges in the area of:

      a.  Computational biology

      b.  Bioinformatics and

      c.  Artificial Intelligence


2. Discuss multidisciplinary collaborations for the development of next generation of Computational tools to study biological systems, manage and analyze large amounts of data.



Epigenetics is a fast emerging medical science with increasing needs for interdisciplinary collaboration, particularly with scientists in the areas of mathematics and statistics, computer science, and biology.


 Advances in OMICS research is creating health-related data of unprecedented size and complexity. This has resulted in development of new Computational, Data-analysis and Theoretical tools for simulation, modelling and analysis of complex genomics data that helps better understand the associated biology and develop precision management strategies. Significant progress in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have further helped develop predictive models in life sciences especially personalized health for diagnosis, treatment and prevention, and reducing healthcare cost.


 The workshop aims to bring together researchers and industry partners in computational biology, bioinformatics, mathematics, statistics, AI/deep learning and health informatics. The workshop hopes to stimulate innovative and transformative collaborations that would enable novel translational research.


 If you are interested in opportunities for partnerships with epigenetic scientists, please consider attending this workshop and let me know of your interest. You are also welcome to offer a presentation of your research expertise. This event should be of particular interest for anyone doing research in mathematical biology, mathematical modelling, and big-data related applications.


Sign up here: Alberta Epigenetics Workshop 


Partner organizations (besides Genome Alberta and PIMS) that have confirmed participation (or are expected to join) include:



1.  Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

2.  Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute

3.  Tom Baker Cancer Centre

4.  Alberta Health Services

5.  NSERC 




Christian Rios (University of Calgary)

Raja Sigh (Alberta Epigenetics Network)