Study Week in Paris: Semaine d'Étude Maths-Entreprises

  • Start Date: 09/11/2017
  • End Date: 09/15/2017

Université Paris Descartes


Canadian Mathematics Institutions have been invited to send some Canadian graduate students to attend an Industrial Problem Solving Workshop in Paris, this September.



A group of French mathematicians is organizing a "Semaine d'Étude Maths-Entreprises" that will take place in Paris on September 11-15, 2017. 


Details of the seminar are available here.


These so-called "Study Weeks" are very similar to the Industrial Problem Solving Workshops organized by the three Canadian institutes (the CRM, the Fields Institute, and PIMS). In collaboration with their French colleagues, the coordinators of industrial collaborations at the three institutes have decided to allow 5 Canadian students to participate in the Study Week. The expenses of these students will be reimbursed by the French and Canadian partners.In order to apply, a doctoral student or postdoctoral fellow should complete the funding application, indicated here.


The deadline for the funding application is July 22, 2017.


For additional information, please contact one of the following coordinators: 


Odile Marcotte for the CRM:


Tom Salisbury for the Fields Institute:


Michael Lamoureux for PIMS:


Funding announcement available here.

  • Bérénice Grec
  • Charles Bouveyron
  • Julie Delon
  • Lionel Moisan
  • Sébastien Martin
  • Maya de Buhan