BC Data Science Workshop.

  • Start Date: 08/14/2017
  • End Date: 08/25/2017

Career Panel on August 16, 2017 at Mobify Headquarters


  • Lilian Wong, Ph.D. Mathematics (CalTech), Research Scientist at Amazon Vancouver
  • Roger Donaldson, Ph.D. Mathematics (CalTech) Technical Consultant at Midvale Applied Mathematics Inc.
  • Bernard Chan, Ph.D. Applied Mathematics (Western University) Data Scientist at BuildDirect Technologies
  • Zak Islam, Sr. Manager, AWS Messaging at Amazon Web Services
  • Peter Gorniak, Ph.D. (MIT), Co-founder & CSO, Tideline Data

University of British Columbia, Robson Square, Vancouver


BC Data Science Workshop


Targeted at graduate students in the Institute of Applied Mathematics at
UBC and students at SFU with similar interests, the 2017 bcdata Data
Science Workshop has two goals: to bring together top researchers,
industry professionals and BC Math students to tackle interesting
research and industry problems; and to develop data science literacy in
students with strong mathematical skills who may have little or no
previous experience in the realm of “data science”.This workshop
will give students experience with data science tools — such as working
with large data sets, statistical inference, and machine learning —
that will be helpful in their research, as well as in their career
options after graduation.


The two-week workshop will include both theoretical and practical components, featuring lectures on the theory of algorithms used in data science and the freeware implementation of these methods. In the first week, data sets from industry and government will be introduced by guest speakers and used as examples data sets for mini-projects. Each data set will lead to a capstone project in the second week.Computational work will be done with Jupyter notebooks using syzygy.ca. Participants will have the opportunity to work with big data, and learn subsequent analysis motifs using machine learning, data clustering, parameter fitting, and other techniques.There will be a short course in linear algebra and software tools prior to the workshop to cover background material in scientific computing, linear algebra, statistical methods and optimization. For more information, see the pre-workshop description.


Projects OverviewThere will be several data sets used in the workshop. We will add in the details as they become finalized. For full project/data details, visit the projects section.

  • Data-driven modeling of video compression: Roger Donaldson, Ph.D. (Midvale Applied Mathematics)
  • A risk-based platform for accident prevention: Soyean Kim, P.Stat. (BC Safety Authority)
  • Timeliness & personalization of Mobile Engagement messages: Boris Lau (Mobify)
  • Project Hop: Real-time agricultural sensing: Nathan Vadeboncoeur, SmartSoil



Other Information: 

For more information about registration and becoming an Industrial Partner: http://workshop.bcdata.ca/2017/#about