Workshop on Geophysical Imaging & Inversion: CANCELLED

  • Start Date: 05/23/2017
  • End Date: 05/25/2017

University of Calgary


Geophysical imaging and inversion allows us to see what is underneath the earth surfaces, using data collected from seismic, electrical, magnetic and gravitational measurements on the surface of the earth. Such imaging has wide applications, from locating underground resources such as oil, gas and minerals, to monitoring underground water resources and environmental factors. At the core of geophysical imaging is the solution of an inverse problem, which is solved by advanced mathematical and computational methods. Our goal is to bring together researchers from industry and academia to discuss advances in imaging including methods for regularized inversion of acoustic and converted seismic wave data, numerical full-wave-form inversion, merging different imaging methodologies (e.g. seismic with electrotellurics), and using state-of-the art computational tools.


Invited Speakers:

Juan Santos (Purdue University)

Hansreudi Maurer (ETH Zurich)



Thank you for your interest. This event has now been cancelled. 


Kris Innanen,  University of Calgary

Michael Lamoureux, University of Calgary

Wenyuan Liao, University of Calgary

Alison Malcolm, Memorial University

Cristian Rios, University of Calgary

Mauricio Sacchi, University of Alberta