2016 Industrial Problem Solving Workshop

  • Start Date: 08/15/2016
  • End Date: 08/19/2016

Fields Institute


This is a joint event of CRM/Fields/PIMS. For registration information please visit the IPSW event page


Industrial Problem Solving Workshops create a mutually beneficial link between researchers in industry and academic mathematicians. Research workers with industrial and commercial concerns are invited to present one of their current technical problems. Leading specialists from the academic community study these problems in teams during the week-long workshop, and present the results of their study back to the industrial participants at the end of the week.


The objective of the IPSW is to connect industries with faculty, postdocs and graduate students who have expertise in industrial case-studies. This interaction is fostered in the specific context of a problem-solving session over 5 days. The case-studies in question have a significant mathematical or statistical content.

The interaction between industry and academia has many potential benefits for both. Academics learn about interesting potential research problems and find application for their existing tools. Industries get access to some of the most experienced mathematical modellers and problem-solvers on the continent.


The IPSW will occur over 5 days. Participants will include a group of academic experts (including mathematicians and statisticians) as well as experts from industry. On the first day, the industrial sponsors will present their problem statements. The academic experts will divide into small teams, with one team assigned to each problem. The teams spend the next 3 days collaborating on solutions to their problem, and present their solution on the final day of the workshop.


At the end of the week, the academic experts make a presentation consisting of the problem restatement and their solution. This is a summary of results; the teams also prepare reports for the industrial sponsors.

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To register for this event, please visit the IPSW event page.




Huaxiong Huang, Fields Institute

Michael Lamoureux, PIMS

Odile Marcotte, CRM