CAIMS/CMS Industrial Event

  • Date: 06/27/2016

University of Alberta


Part one: Jupyter and the PIMS Hub.
The Jupyter Notebook is an open web application for quickly creating mathematical documents
with TeX, live computer code, data analysis, and visualization. We will demonstrate Jupyter
in use for both teaching and research in the mathematics sciences, with examples of numerical
simulation, statistical modeling, data cleaning, and much more. The PIMS Hub provides free
access to Jupyter resources for professionals across its network.


Part two: Panel Discussion on Jobs in Industry
Industry is looking for highly skilled employees and research expertise, but there is often a
mismatch between academic descriptions of our expertise and the skill sets being advertised in
industrial job searches and proposals for collaborations. This panel discussion brings together
industry researchers and hiring managers to present ideas on making the connection between the
academic and industrial worlds, particularly when it comes to job seeking, hiring, and building


Jupyter Workshop 11:20am – 12:35pm, CAB 269

Pizza served: 12:00pm

Panel discussion 12:35pm – 2:00pm, CAB 235


Michael Lamoureux (PIMS Industrial Coordinator), Ray Spiteri (CAIMS President)