UBC Shale Gas & LNG Industry Symposium: Industry, Technology Exchange

  • Date: 02/22/2013

University of British Columbia




British Columbia has recognized the potential of both conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources from coal-bed gas to tight gas, shale gas, carbon management (carbon sequestration) and conventional energy resources.  Extraction, transportation and processing of these energy resources may provide both scientific and technical challenges. This one day symposium provides industry and the regulators the opportunity to explore collectively the extensive expertise and research in support of resource modeling, hydrology, seismic analysis, drill fluid dynamics, viscoelastic fluid mechanics, ground water hydrology, ground water remediation, geochemical composition of aquifers, reservoir characterisation of unconventional to applied engineering solutions and needs associated with transporting and processing unconventional energy resources (LNG). 


Symposium Covers:
·    Is natural gas a bridging fuel to a reduced carbon economy?
·    What is happening in shale gas development in Europe and North America?
·    What is the resource base for shale gas in BC?
·    What are the risk factors of shale gas development and environmental impacts such as: frac modeling, water, seismicity, remediation, well design, transportation and processing of natural gas for export (LNG engineering design methodologies for wells, well sites, pipelines, processing plants, and liquefied natural gas facilities);
·    What are the lead times and costs of LNG plants, and natural gas prices in Asian markets?
·    How safe is the supply chain for pipelines and shipping of LNG?


Who Should Participate?
·    Industry, regulators, engineering companies and scientists.


Registration Cost $100


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Other Information: 

Location: ESB 5108


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Anton Kuipers: 604-827-4464

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