GEOMED 2011: An international, interdisciplinary workshop on geomedical systems and the analysis of spatial data

  • Start Date: 10/20/2011
  • End Date: 10/22/2011

Laurie Ainsworth – Simon Fraser University

Renato M. Assuncao – Universidade Federal de Minas

Gerais Annibale Biggeri – University of Florence

Howard Chang – Johns Hopkins University

Jungsoon Choi – Medical University of South Carolina

Gordana Derado – Emory University

Ludwig Fahrmeir – University of Munich

Andrew O. Finley – Michigan State University

Yongtao Guan – Yale University

Dan Gillis – University of Guelph

Chris Jewell – University of Warwick

Ken Kleinman – Harvard University

Andrew Lawson – Medical University of South Carolina

Ravi Maheswaran – The University of Sheffield

Sara McLafferty – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Farouk Nathoo – University of Victoria

Peter Rogerson – University at Buffalo

Lynne Seymour – University of Georgia

Maria Dolores Ugarte – Universidad Publica de Navarra

David Wheeler – National Cancer Institute, USA


University of Victoria


GEOMED brings together statisticians, geographers, epidemiologists, computer scientists, and public health professionals to discuss methods of spatial analysis, as well as present and debate the results of such analyses.


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Program Committee:

Sudipto Banerjee – University of Minnesota
Patrick Brown – University of Toronto
Daniela Cocchi – The University of Bologna
Charmaine Dean (Co-Chair) – Simon Fraser University
Robert Haining – University of Cambridge
Andrew Lawson – Medical University of South Carolina
Ravi Maheswaran – University of Sheffield
Farouk Nathoo (Co-Chair) – University of Victoria
Lance Waller – Emory University

Other Information: