Medical and Seismic Imaging

  • Start Date: 07/14/2011
  • End Date: 07/16/2011

University of British Columbia


Modern imaging technology depends heavily on advanced mathematical
methods to produce reliable, accurate, and useful images. With modern
advances come new challenges in acquiring and processing data for
images, then interpreting and extracting information from these images.
These interdisciplinary challenges cover diverse research areas
including medicine, physics, mathematics, engineering, and computing
science. This workshop will focus on geophysical and medical application
of imaging, and the common mathematical methods that underly the
technologies. The central topic on the mathematical and computational
methods that form a common base for these imaging applications. The aim
is to link together researchers and practitioners from diverse fields
who would benefit by sharing information about the latest advances in
their areas.


Conference themes include: Image formation, processing and analysis;
Inverse problems; Compressive Sensing; Wavelets and Frames; Statistical
methods; Medical and geophysical imaging; Visualization.


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Abstracts / Downloads / Reports: 

Dr Elsie Fear (Electrical Engineering, University of Calgary)

Dr Michael Lamoureux (Mathematics, University of Calgary)

Dr Peter Lancaster (Mathematics, University of Calgary) 

Dr Gary Margrave (Geoscience, University of Calgary) 


Other Information: 


This workshop is part of PIMS' Thematic Program on Applied Mathematics Perspectives.


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