Educational Associate Affiliation

Colleges and universities wishing to enjoy an affiliation with PIMS (but not otherwise eligible for regular PIMS membership) may engage as PIMS Educational Associates. This program strives to improve the educational experience for teachers, students, and the community by facilitating the sharing of ideas and resources among its members. The resulting enhanced collaboration will stimulate improvements in best practices in teaching, outreach efforts and professional development.


Membership is for a period of three years and is renewable. Members are entitled to apply for PIMS funding to engage in appropriate educational, outreach, and professional development activities in their region. Examples of approved activities are the support of a guest speaker, support for a regional math competition and for the purchase of mathematical models and demonstration materials for the use in the classroom.


Currently 6 colleges in BC and 4 in Alberta are PIMS Educational Associates:


The PIMS coordinator of this program is David Leeming (UVic).