Callysto: The Unfair Dice Problem

  • Date: 03/04/2020

TELUS World of Science


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This session : The Unfair Dice Problem

Led by the Callysto Project, this workshop engages participants in an unfair game using dice and toothpicks as we discuss concepts of sample space, the probability that each player will win, and expected payoff of each player. W​e will solve the “Unfair Dice Problem” via an exploratory approach, and using Jupyter notebooks and the Python programming language, we will develop an interactive application that allows us to simulate how each player fares over time. Please bring your own laptop.The Unfair Dice Problem has relevance and application in multiple areas of life, including but not limited to the role small advantages play in the context of employment, housing, access to education and support, mortgages and loan pre-approval, and social advancement and recognition.This work is part of the Callysto Project, a federally-funded program to bring computational thinking and mathematical problem-solving skills into Grade 5-12 classrooms. ​The computational simulation and game description will be made available for participants after the workshop.

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