16th BIRS Math Fair Conference: Ted Lewis Workshop on SNAP Math Fairs

  • Start Date: 04/27/2018
  • End Date: 04/29/2018



Ted Lewis Workshop on SNAP Math Fairs 2018


The sixteenth annual BIRS Math Fair Conference 2018:
The Ted Lewis Workshop on SNAP Math Fairs 2018 at the beautiful conference center above the town of Banff in Alberta. We start on Friday evening with a puzzle social in the Corbett Hall lounge area. The conference continues all day Saturday and we will finish on Sunday at lunchtime.


We will become inspired about math fairs in our schools and how they benefit the students as they celebrate mathematics education in all levels. How to make a SNAP math fair happen in your school is the objective of this puzzle-filled 2-day workshop in the mountains. Presentations and talks get occasionally interrupted by the deer outside the windows and the delicious meals we share in this world class facility!


BIRS (Banff International Research Station) provides the accommodations for 24 participants as well as the meeting facility. The SNAP Mathematics Foundation hosts lunch and dinner on Saturday. We will see and hear presentations from experienced math fair directors. We do not give out Oscars at the end but everyone goes home refreshed and inspired from the experience.


To learn more about SNAP Math Fairs, check out the SNAP-Website:




Sean Graves, Mathematics Lecturer, (University of Alberta)

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Please contact me Sean Graves (sgraves@ualberta.ca) as
soon as possible if and when you know that you are able to come. The
official registration and the room booking information will take place
on-line through the BIRS website.


There is only room for 24 conference participants. As a result, we strongly encourage individuals who can commit to
only part of the conference to postpone their attendance to a future