The International Congress for the Psychology of Mathematics Education

  • Start Date: 07/15/2014
  • End Date: 07/20/2014



Mathematics Education on the Edge


Mathematics Education at the Edge has been chosen as the theme of the conference. Academically, the theme provides opportunities to highlight and examine mathematics education research that is:1) breaking new ground or on the cutting edge of innovative research and research methodologies; and 2) exploring issues with groups that are often positioned at the edge or periphery of educational research such as social justice, peace education, equity, and Indigenous education. Geographically, the theme Mathematics Education at the Edge describes the very place of the conference setting, Vancouver, a city situated at the edge of Canada on the Pacific Ocean and Coast Mountain Range.

Abstracts / Downloads / Reports: 

Plenary Lectures- Mathematics Education at the Edge

George Hart (USA)

Luis Radford (Canada)

Orit Zaslavsky (Israel and USA)

Gabriele Kaiser (Germany)


Plenary Panel - The Calculus of Social Change – Mathematics at the Cutting Edge

Mamokgethi Setati Phakeng (South Africa, Convener)

David Wagner (Canada)

Paola Valero (Denmark)

Margaret Walshaw (New Zealand)

Anjum Halai (Pakistan and Tanzania)


Young Researchers’ Day

For the first time, and as a pilot, PME is pleased to offer a special day for young (early career) researchers who are also attending the PME conference. The day will directly precede the main PME conference and will consist of presentations, working groups and other kinds of sessions planned to be of value to those new to research in mathematics education. If it proves to be of interest and value, the IC and local organizations will propose to the AGM that such an event should become a permanent feature of PME activity. 

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