Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest

  • Start Date: 08/03/2012
  • End Date: 08/05/2012

Banff International Research Station


This workshop is intended for Math Kangaroo volunteers already involved in the organization of the contest to exchange ideas and discuss issues. The workshop will focus on discussing educational and promotional activities for popularizing mathematics among students, parents, and educators. It will assist the organization in promotion and delivery of its broad-participation programs for instilling a passion for mathematics and science among youth in an inclusive and fun atmosphere, a passion that will nourish a stronger interest in science, engineering, and technology as they mature.


The objectives of the workshop are to share experiences and have discussions on:

- Organizing training sessions as well as preparing training material;

- Running math clubs and groups;

- How to financially support activities;

- Pre-contest activities, contest day, post-contest activities;

- Expanding the competition locally and nationally;

- Informing the community about the Math Kangaroo program by hosting workshops and seminars for teachers and educators;

- Get together national and local coordinators as well as meet new coordinators and help them in the organization of the contest in their city/school;

- Sending winners in Europe to participate in math camps;

- Organizing math camps in USA and Canada for winners from USA, Canada, Mexico, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, and others.


In order to achieve the objectives, the workshop will consist of three sessions. The participants who have been involved in the organization of the Math Kangaroo contest will share their experiences and ideas with others. There will be several presentations followed by group activities and discussions. 


Rossitza Marinova (Concordia University College of Alberta), Valeria Pandelieva (Statistics Canada)

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