Alberta Summer Mathematics Institute

  • Start Date: 07/03/2012
  • End Date: 08/10/2012
The instructors include

    Dr. Charles Doran (Ph.D. Harvard)
    Dr. Nicolas Guay (Ph.D. Chicago)
    Dr. Jochen Kuttler (Ph.D. Basel)
    Dr. David McNeilly (Ph.D. Cambridge)
    Dr. Stefen Mendez Diez (Ph.D. Maryland)
    Dr. Andrey Novoseltsev (Ph.D. Alberta)
    Dr. Alan Thompson (D.Phil. Oxford)

University of Alberta


In 2012 we expect to have lecture series on the following topics:   


    Mathematical Physics   

    Number Systems   

    Number Theory   

    Problem Solving


These will be accompanied by research projects and computer labs for mathematical exploration and professional typesetting of the reports.


The Alberta Summer Mathematics Institute offers a fun, educational summer mathematics program to students in grades 10 – 12. Its mission is to inspire exploration and research in mathematical studies.


The Alberta Summer Mathematics Institute covers a wide variety of mathematical topics, building up from the participants’ existing knowledge into advanced material. Common linkages between presentations develop each participant’s understanding of how important mathematical concepts can be applied in varying ways.


The ASMI program is designed to encourage creative and critical thinking about mathematics and the multitude of ways it can be applied. Topics from the past years include:



    Groups and Sets   

    Math in Art and Design   

    Mathematical Physics   

    Number Theory   

    Problem Solving   

    Typesetting with LaTeX   

    Working with Mathematical Software Sage


The program also includes ample free time for socialization, relaxation, and games, as well as topical excursions, such as the 2010 camp’s visit to an M.C. Escher Exhibit at the Art Gallery of Alberta.


Students for the 2012 ASMI, running from July 3 to August 10, will be invited based on nomination by their schools.


The camp start at 9am on July 3 in Central Academic Building 269.


Please contact Andrey Novoseltsev ( for more information.

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For complete information please visit ASMI official website.




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