Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest

  • Date: 03/25/2012

4825 Mount Royal Gate SW, Calgary, Alberta


Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest is for students in grade 2-12. The main purpose of this competition is to introduce participants to math challenges in an enjoyable way, thus, inspiring their further interest and advancement in mathematics. 


There are some changes in the reglament of the 2012 contest. In particular, there is a new category for second grade students. To see all upcoming changes, read overview and news pages.


Several training and practice opportunities – online and on-campus - are offered. For detailed information about the schedule check the locations page for regional training and the news page for national and regional training.The competition is available in the following Canadian cities: Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Langley, Montreal, Mississauga, North Bay, Ottawa, Scarborough, St. John's, Sudbury, Toronto, and Winnipeg. Students may choose to participate in English or in French. 


For further information on the Math Kangaroo Contest in Canada, please contact Valeria Pandelieva

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Registration Deadline: March 15, 2012


For more information please contact local organizer, Mariya Svishchuk or visit Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest