Elmacon Preparation Session

  • Date: 03/17/2012

Math Department Room 100, 1984 Mathematics Road, UBC Campus


The preparation sessions are intended to be fun and will cover
general mathematical problem solving techniques. They are open to anyone
eligible to attend Elmacon 2012 (i.e. any child currently in grade 5, 6
or 7 at a BC school).


The sessions last for 2 hours, from 10:30am till 12:30pm on February
18th and March 17th 2012. Each session will feature different (but
similar) content so children could attend one session or both depending
on their schedule. Both events will take place in the Mathematics
Department at UBC,


Room 100

Mathematics Department

1984 Mathematics Road

University of British Columbia


If you are interested in these sessions and you have not already sent an RSVP, please email <elmacon@pims.math.ca> with the following information.


1. The name of your child or children who would like to attend.

2. The school they are attending.

3. The grade they are in at school.



Melania Alvarez

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For other information please see the Elmacon event page.