Math Challengers 2012

  • Start Date: 02/04/2012
  • End Date: 03/03/2012

British Columbia


February 4, 2011: Lower Mainland Regional Competition at SFU


February 4, 2011: Okanagan Regional Competition at Okanagan College - Kelowna Campus


February 10, 2011:Regional Competition at Camosun College - Victoria


March 3, 2011: Provincial Competition at UBC


Registration Deadline: December 2, 2011


Our official name is the Canadian Math Challengers Society; however, we generally just call our group Math Challengers.


Math Challengers is an enrichment, coaching and
competition program that promotes mathematics achievement among students
in Grades 8 and 9 by


(i) challenging students with stimulating and thought-provoking questions, and


(ii) having school math teams compete with each other at local, regional and provincial tournaments.


The program builds skills, promotes strategic
problem-solving, and exposes students to complex problems that require
creativity and persistence in order to be solved -- all a critical part
of our increasingly technological society. Moreover, it provides an
opportunity to bring 8th and 9th graders together to promote a lively
exchange of mathematical ideas through competition.


Math Challengers promotes student interest in mathematics
and mathematics-related careers by making math achievement as
challenging, prestigious and exciting as a school sport might be.
Teachers, volunteers and former student participants coach competitors
beginning each fall and continuing throughout the year, either as part
of in-class instruction or as an extracurricular activity. In January,
in-school competitions are held to determine the four member school
teams that will compete at a regional tournament. The training and
practice throughout the school year leads up to a Regional Competition
held in February.


The teams from the regional tournaments around the
province then advance to the Provincial Finals in March, where the B.C.
school team and the individual champions are crowned! At each tournament
level, all students participate in two individual contest rounds, then
in a team round, and finally the top ranked students take part in a head
to head buzz-in question-and- answer session (similar to the TV quiz
show, "Jeopardy"), where the overall individual champion is decided.
Trophies and awards are given to the top finishers at each tournament.


In addition to the in-province tournaments, an Intramural
Competition with Washington and Oregon state teams also takes place,
after the Provincial Finals.

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