Aboriginal Perspectives Mathematics Workshop

  • Date: 11/05/2011

University of Regina


We are looking for ten grade six Regina teachers to participate in a workshop that focuses on incorporating Aboriginal perspectives into mathematics lessons. Participants will receive copies of lessons, which are linked to the grade six mathematics curriculum as well as resource kits and supplies for the lessons. Our expectation is that the participating teachers will use these lessons in their classrooms after the workshop, and then share their experiences with each other and with us at the follow-up meeting in June. We are also asking that the participants share these lessons (and their experiences with them) with other teachers in their schools.

Participants in the workshop will be invited to take part in an associated research project. The intent is to involve five to eight teachers in the research and agreeing to participate will be completely voluntary.


Education Building Room 341, University of Regina


10:00 am -- Noon


Dr. Kathy Nolan, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education
Dr. Harley Weston, Professor Emeritus, Mathematics and Statistics
Alison Kimbley, Student, SUNTEP Program
Ashley Pennington, Student, SUNTEP Program

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Visit http://aboriginalperspectives.uregina.ca/workshops/workshop2011/ for more information and to register.