Emerging Aboriginal Scholars summer camp

  • Start Date: 07/05/2011
  • End Date: 08/04/2011

UBC Longhouse and PIMS building




Implementation of a five week summer internship camp where students will be taking courses, working with members of the university community, and learning about aboriginal culture, and career possibilities.


Students will come 5 days a week to take courses in math and English in the morning, three afternoons a week they will be working with a member of the University community in an area of their choice, and on Thursdays they will meet in a circle with various members of the aboriginal community to learn about their culture, and discuss career possibilities among other things.




To increase Aboriginal student participation, retention and high school graduation rates by providing a more solid foundation in Mathematics, Science and English in preparation for admission and success in post-secondary institutions.


To expose aboriginal students to real life working experience with faculty and other members of the university community while working on a field of their choice.
Expose students to research and employment possibilities in a variety of professions.
A hands-on working experience in a setting which encourages excellence.


Melania Alvarez

PIMS BC Education Coordinator

Tel. 604-822-0404


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This project is a partnership between the Pacific institute for the Mathematical Sciences and the First Nations House of Learning.