Movement and Symmetry in Graphs: 2021 - 2024

The Movement and Symmetry in Graphs Collaborative Research Group will look at Graph Theory

Graph theory is a thriving discipline that lies at the interface of computer science and pure mathematics; the goal of this CRG is to make the prairie region into a thriving centre for graph theory, and an international destination for researchers interested in this field. The strengths of the CRG lie in the overlapping and complementary areas of algebraic graph theory, combinatorial matrix theory, graph and hypergraph infection and percolation, and extremal combinatorics. These are all very active fields, and the best modern results are found using an inter-disciplinary approach.


CRG Organizers:


  • Karen Meagher- University of Regina
  • Joy Morris – University of Lethbridge
  • Karen Gunderson – University of Manitoba




  • 9-Jun-22
  • 10-Jun-22
  • 10-Nov-21

CRG on Movement and Symmetry in Graphs Distinguished Lecture Series: Cheryl E Praeger

Basic edge-transitive oriented graphs of valency four   more››

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