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International Workshop on
Non-Monotonic Reasoning

June 6-8, 2004
Westin Whistler Resort and Spa,
Whistler BC, Canada

Belief Change


Specialized workshop in conjunction with NMR2004 (www.pims.math.ca/science/2004/NMR/papers.html)

Belief change and nonmonotonic reasoning go hand in hand. Over the years, research in belief change has taken several interesting turns and seen many novel developments. Moreover, it has allowed us to see other areas of endeavour in a new light. As a way of capturing commonsense reasoning, for instance, belief change provides a unique perspective. However, there is still much work to be done, many interesting challenges to be overcome and problems to be explored.

The specialized workshop on Belief Change is a one-day event intended to bring together researchers interested in the area of belief change, and to discuss current research, results, and problems of a theoretical, foundational or practical nature. In particular, researchers from allied fields are encouraged to submit papers and participate in the workshop. This workshop will be a part of the technical program of the tenth Nonmonotonic Reasoning Workshop (NMR-04), to be held in Whistler, BC, Canada, immediately following the KR-04 conference. The goal is to promote further development of the theory of belief change as well as connections to other research areas in nonmonotonic reasoning, knowledge representation and reasoning, and artificial intelligence.


Authors are invited to submit original papers on all aspects of belief change.

The list of topics of interest includes but is not limited to:

  • Theoretical and philosophical foundations of belief change
  • Belief merging
  • Iterated belief change
  • Non-prioritized belief change
  • Interrelations
  • Complexity of belief change operations
  • Implementations of belief change systems

We also welcome suggestions for panel discussions.

Maurice Pagnucco (morri@cse.unsw.edu.au)
Odile Papini (papini@univ-tln.fr)

Alexander Bochman, Holon Academic Institute of Technology, Israel
Richard Booth, University of Leipzig, Germany
Samir Chopra, Brooklyn College of CUNY, USA
David Makinson, Kings College, UK
Thomas Meyer, UNSW, Australia
Abhaya Nayak, Macquarie University, Australia
Maurice Pagnucco, UNSW, Australia (Co-chair)
Odile Papini, University of Toulon, France (Co-chair)
Pavlos Peppas, University of Patras, Greece
Hans Rott, University of Regensburg, Germany
Steven Shapiro, UNSW, Australia
Renata Wasserman, University of Sao Paolo, Brazil

All NMR-04 subworkshops have the same submission requirements. Submissions are limited to 12 pages (excluding title page and references) of standard LaTeX 12pt article format. Send a pdf file with the submission to each of the organizers by e-mail.

Final papers, limited to 9 KR-style pages, will be distributed at the meeting along with papers from the other NMR workshops. Accepted papers will also be arranged into on-line proceedings.

The other specialized workshops that will be held at NMR-04 are:


Submission of papers February 27, 2004
Notification of acceptance March 31, 2004
Final version (pdf file) April 30, 2004
Conference Dates: June 6-8, 2004


A complete characterization of a notion of contraction based on information-value
Horacio Arlo-Costa and Isaac Levi

A unifying semantics for belief change
Richard Booth, Samir Chopra, Thomas Meyer and Aditya Ghose

Logic-based merging: the infinite case
Jose Luis Chacon and Ramon Pino-Perez

Preliminary considerations on the modelling of belief change operators by metric spaces
James P. Delgrande

Consistency-based approaches to merging knowledge bases: preliminary report
James P. Delgrande and Torsten Schaub

Belief dynamics and defeasible argumentation in rational agents
Marcelo A. Falappa, Alejandro J. Garcia and Guillermo R. Simari

Generalizing the AGM postulates: preliminary results and applications
Giorgos Flouris, Dimitris Plexousakis and Grigoris Antoniou

Propositional belief merging and belief negotiation model
Sebastien Konieczny

Probability, rational belief and belief change
Charles. G. Morgan

Adjusting adjustments - an algorithm for knowledge base extraction
Alexander Nittka

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