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Foundations of Nonmonotonic Reasoning
Computational Aspects of Nonmonotonic Reasoning
Action and Causality
Belief Change
Uncertainty Frameworks
Argument, Dialogue and Decision

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International Workshop on
Non-Monotonic Reasoning

June 6-8, 2004
Westin Whistler Resort and Spa,
Whistler BC, Canada

Author Instructions

Camera Ready Papers
Accepted papers should be no more than 9 pages in KR-style. Please go to http://www.aaai.org/Publications/Templates/KR-AuthorKit.zip for obtaining the corresponding style files. For NMR submissions, we ask that you pay particular attention to the following points.

Authors are expected to send in their camera ready copy by email to nmr-04@pims.math.ca. The due date for camera ready copies in PDF format is April 30, 2004.

Brief Explanations

Suppress AAAI copyright
Simply include \nocopyright somewhere before \maketitle in tex source.

Generate screen friendly pdf
There are two options.
  1. Use pdflatex to generate pdf directly from tex source. This is an easy option, but it can sometimes cause problems with embedded figures.
  2. Use ps2pdf to generate pdf from ps. In this case, you should use the following command
    dvips -Ppdf -G0 -o papername.ps papername.dvi
    to generate the original ps. This prevents type 3 fonts from being used. (Type 3 fonts will look blurry on screen in your pdf)
You can check that your pdf contains no type 3 fonts by using pdffonts (which is included in the xpdf package), or by checking File->Document_Properties->Fonts in Acrobat reader.

Use US letter paper size
We would appreciate camera ready submissions formatted for US letter sized paper. If your default document is formatted for A4 paper, there are two steps. First of all, you should include the [letterpaper] option in your tex source as follows:
You also need to change your settings for dvips. You should try passing the -tletter option to dvips. However, you may need to change the dvips config file. Similarly, if you are using pdflatex, you may need to change the pdftex config file. In either case, the page width should be set to 8.5in and the page height should be set to 11.0in.

A detailed description of the fix is available here. We remark that the owner of that page is not affiliated with NMR, and he should not be contacted for assistance or clarification.

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