Call for Proposals


**PLEASE NOTE: This page will be updated shortly for proposals on scientific activities to take place after April 1, 2017.**


The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) 
welcomes applications for support of activities in the mathematical sciences to 
occur after April 1, 2016. Details of these activities and of the submission process are given below. Generally, the deadline for submission is October 1, 2015, proposals will be reviewed by the PIMS Scientific Review Panel (SRP) in November, 2015, with awards announced shortly thereafter. Where appropriate, cost sharing is encouraged and can enhance the probability of success.




NEW IN 2016


Innovation Activities: PIMS invites applications to support travel to industrial conferences, with the goal of encouraging academic-industry research collaborations. Funding of up to $1,500 is available to individual academic researchers in the mathematical sciences, with a deadline of April 15 for travel in 2016. Click Here for application procedures.






Innovation Activities: PIMS invites proposals that meet the goals of the Institutes Innovation Platform, to increase the use of mathematics and statistics in the industrial processes of innovation and technology development in Canada. This would include proposals for joint academic/industrial conferences and workshops, industrial short courses, job fairs and networking events, related HQP development and training, and other strategic academic-industry collaborations in the mathematical sciences. PIMS welcomes proposals from its individual Sites to host the next PIMS Industrial Problem Solving Workshop, the next Graduate Math Modeling in Industry workshop, or possibly a joint project that merges these two activities.


Please contact the PIMS Innovation Coordinator Michael P. Lamoureux, Ph: 604-822-0406,, for more information.



PIMS invites Letters of Intent: for Pan-Canadian and International Collaborative Research Groups (CRGs) to enable PIMS 
researchers to collaborate with colleagues throughout Canada and the world. 
Proposals involving collaborations with other institutes are especially welcome. For more details on the CRG submission process, please refer to that section below. 


PIMS also welcomes proposals in Statistics that will involve collaboration and coordination with activities at CANSSI.

Please contact the Deputy Director (, for further details on these opportunities.



PIMS supports a variety of meetings around North America 
and the Pacific Rim. These range from small one-day workshops to 
multi-week conferences involving hundreds of participants. Proposals for major events are reviewed by the SRP, while smaller events, such as the Pacific Northwest Seminars, may be approved directly at the discretion of the Director and Deputy 

Proposals for international summer schools to be held at PIMS sites ranging from 10 days to one month are encouraged as part of our ongoing commitment to training HQP.


Focus Periods are special opportunity events centering on current mathematical trends and collaborative prospects. They usually take place in the summer and vary in length depending on the discipline. Coordination/collaboration with other institutes is encouraged. 


PIMS accepts invitations for distinguished scientists to visit its 
member institutions for periods ranging from one week to one month, and 
provides up to $5,000 for each such visit. Distinguished visitors are 
expected to present several lectures at the PIMS host site; multi-site 
visitors are particularly encouraged. 


CRGs consist of researchers with a common interest with a desire to 
collaborate in synergistic ways in a particular research area. They are 
intended to exploit complementary strengths and to promote and support longer term, multi-event, multi-site coordinated activities and they involve 2-3 postdoctoral fellows partially supported by PIMS. Their period of operation is typically 3-4 years. For a listing of current and past CRGs, please see



Submission Procedures:

Please note, the submission deadline for the 2015 SRP was October 1, 2015, and the call for proposals is now CLOSED. The Scientific Review Panel 
will meet to review proposals in November 2015, with results announced 
shortly thereafter. Activities with relatively small budgets (under $5,000, 
exemplified below by Pacific Northwest Seminars) can be proposed directly by 
email to the Deputy Director and are not subject to this deadline.


CONTENT OF PROPOSALS - Conferences, Workshops, Summer Schools, 
Distinguished Visitors and Focus Periods

All proposals for these activities should follow the outline below and 
include all 9 sections.

1. Title of proposal.

2. Organizer(s), including affiliation(s) of all investigators.

3. Proposed location and dates.

4. Amount of funding requested from PIMS.

5. Summary of scientific and other objectives. This is limited to 100 words and should be suitable for use in public announcements.

6. List of participants (invited, confirmed, speaking?).

7. Intended audience, provision for students.

8. General comments. This section should contain details as well as any 
unusual features of the proposal, history and possible future aspects, 
educational benefits, etc.

9. Other sources of funding and cost-sharing support. The budget should be itemized and detailed to the 
level of, for example, a cost estimate of travel and accommodation for each 
invited speaker. 




Proposing a CRG is a two-step process. Interested researchers first 
submit a Letter of Intent for a CRG to start after April 1, 2016. Letters of Intent are 4-8 pages long, serve as preliminary proposals and/or concept papers, and will be reviewed by the PIMS Scientific Review Panel in November, 2015. Proposers are strongly encouraged to consult with the PIMS Deputy Director and send drafts for comments well in advance of the deadline. Successful groups will then be invited to submit a full CRG Proposal. These are usually developed in consultation with the PIMS Deputy Director and then submitted as described above under Online Submission.

Letters of Intent and CRG Proposals should contain the six sections 
listed below. 

1. Title of the Collaborative Research Group.

2. Name, affiliation and biosketch of CRG Leaders (at least two 
different PIMS sites should be represented) and other participants (please 
give affiliations for all participants).

3. Scientific rationale and objectives.

4. List of proposed events/modules, including proposed start date.

5. Proposed budget.

6. Executive summary (limited to 100 words and suitable for public dissemination).