Past Events at the University of Victoria

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Past Events

  • 25-Mar-10

PIMS Special Seminar: Richard Brualdi (Wisconsin-Madison)

(0,1)-Matrices and Nonnegative Eigenvalues    more››

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  • 25-Feb-10
  • 2-Feb-10

Math Mania - Victoria

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  • 15-Oct-09

Math Mania - Victoria

Scientific Event

  • 24-Sep-09

New Trends and Developments in Variational Analysis

Variational analysis has been well recognized as a rapidly growing and fruitful area in mathematics motivated mainly by the study of constrained optimization and equilibrium problems, while also applying perturbation ideas and variational principl   more››

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  • 17-Sep-09

Special PIMS Seminar: Center for Women in Mathematics at Smith College

Women still represent significantly less than half of math graduate students and faculty, despite the fact that they are majoring in math at higher rates. Women often don't choose math or get serious about mathematics until later in their education,   more››

Scientific Event

  • 29-Jun-09
  • 3-Jul-09

Topics in Kinetic Theory

PIMS/Accelerate Canada Summer School in PDE: Topics in Kinetic TheoryMore info:   Kinetic Theory offers many deep problems of fundamental significance in physics and engi   more››

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  • 29-Jun-09
  • 10-Jul-09

KMS States and Non-Commutative Geometry

This meeting is an activity of the CRG on Operator Algebras and Non-Commutative Geometry.     more››

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  • 24-Feb-09

Special PIMS Speaker - A History of Combinatorial Games

Combinatorial Game Theory---games of pure strategy where there are no chance devices---had its beginnings in 1902 and a major breakthrough in the theory was enunciated in the books "On Numbers and Games", Conway, 1978, and "Winning   more››

Scientific Event

  • 23-Jan-09

PIMS Special Speaker: Configurations of points and lines - A brief survey

A k-configuration is a finite collection of n points and n lines, such that each of the n points is on precisely k lines and each line contains precisely k points. Some relevant results were known long ago, but the recent years have seen a large n   more››

Scientific Event

  • 5-Dec-08

PIMS Special Speakers: Hamilton paths in vertex-transitive graphs

A graph is Hamilton-connected if for any two vertices u and v there is a Hamilton path whose terminal vertices are u and v. Similarly, a bipartite graph is Hamilton-laceable if for any two vertices u and v from distinct parts there is a Hamilton path   more››

Scientific Event

  • 20-Nov-08

PIMS Special Speaker

Recent Advances in Optimal Experimental Designs: A well-designed study is crucial for the success of any scientific investigation. Despite advances in optimal design theory in the last few decades, applications to find efficient designs in many bi   more››

Scientific Event

  • 13-Nov-08

PIMS Special Speaker-Problems in computational topology: Where pure mathematics meets computer science

Some of the core problems in low-dimensional topology involve algorithms to identify and compare topological spaces. However, where these algorithms exist, they are often infeasibly slow and difficult to implement.Here we outline the ways i   more››

Scientific Event

  • 2-Oct-08

PIMS Special Speaker-Index Theory from a Non-Commutative Point of View

The Atiyah-Singer index theorem, which directs tools from Hilbert space operator theory toward problems in topology and geometry, fits very naturally into the framework of Alain Connes' non-commutative geometry.In fact index theory is a central   more››

Scientific Event

  • 27-Sep-08

7th Pacific Northwest PDE Meeting

Point singularities of very weak solutions of 3D stationary Navier-Stokes equations - Tai-Peng TsaiI will talk about a joint work with Hideyuki Miura, which characterizes the singularities of very weak solutions bounded by $C_*|x|^{-1   more››

Scientific Event

  • 25-Sep-08

Special PIMS Speaker Series - What's new for Microstructure?

We don't call it the Stone Age because we use stones. Any biped can do this. We call it the Stone Age because we fabricated stone tools. This require tool stones, special because of their microstructural texture. So what's new for microstructure? Jus   more››

Scientific Event

  • 5-Aug-08
  • 9-Aug-08

The Northwest Dynamics Symposium

  If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact Michel Demyen:   more››

Scientific Event

  • 21-Jul-08
  • 23-Jul-08

Summer School Workshop on Stochastic and Probabilistic methods for atmosphere, ocean, and climate dynamics

This PIMS workshop is intended for graduate students, post-docs, and young researchers in applied math and atmosphere/ocean sciences who are interested in the application of stochastic and probabilistic modelling and analysis techniques for atmos   more››

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