Past Events at the University of Alberta

The University of Alberta PIMS site office is located in the Central Academic Building on the north campus of the University of Alberta (Map | Contact).


Past Events

  • 30-Oct-12

PIMS / AMI / Mechanical Engineering Seminar

On the mechanics and mathematics of bodies described by implicit constitutive equations   more››

Scientific Event

  • 26-Oct-12

PIMS / AMI Seminar

A stochastic conjugate gradient method for the approximation of functions   more››

Scientific Event

  • 8-Oct-12

PIMS / AMI Seminar: K. Boehmer

Convergence for General Full Discretizations of Center Manifolds for Parabolic Differential Equations   more››

Scientific Event

  • 2-Aug-12

PIMS/AMI Seminar: Anja Richter

“Explicit solutions to BSDEs and utility maximization in multivariate affine stochastic volatility models”   more››

Scientific Event

  • 24-Jul-12

PIMS/AMI Seminar: Professor Yu Mishura, Kiev National University

“On drift parameter estimation in the models with long-range dependence”   more››

Scientific Event

  • 23-Jul-12
  • 27-Jul-12

Fluid Dynamics Summer School

Fluid dynamics refers to the motion of liquids and gases as well as more exotic deformable states of matter including plasmas, magma, slurries, etc. Modern fluid dynamics research is a paradigm of multi-disciplinary science, combining flow experim   more››

Scientific Event

  • 12-Jul-12

PIMS/AMI Seminar: Philippe Laurençot

“Phase-field approximation to Willmore flows with constraints”   more››

Scientific Event

  • 3-Jul-12
  • 10-Aug-12

Alberta Summer Mathematics Institute

In 2012 we expect to have lecture series on the following topics:        Algebra        Mathematical Physics        Number Systems        Number Theory      more››

Educational Event

  • 5-Jun-12

PIMS/AMI Seminar: Fernando Pestana da Costa

“A nonautonomous predator-prey system arising from coagulation theory: is it of any use in biomathematics?”   more››

Scientific Event

  • 17-May-12
  • 27-May-12

PIMS-Mprime-CDM Summer School on Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases

The scientific program of the summer school consists of a variety of formats including short courses, case studies, public lectures and group projects.  For details, please refer to the official website below.   more››

Scientific Event

  • 7-May-12

PIMS/AMI Seminar: Vkhtang Putkaradze

CANCELED.   Geometric mechanics at the nanoscale   more››

Scientific Event

  • 3-May-12
  • 4-May-12

Alberta Colleges Mathematics Conference and North South Dialogue in Mathematics

The Alberta Colleges Mathematics Conference presents talks about the teaching issues specific to the colleges and their math course offerings. This is an opportunity to meet with colleagues from Alberta’s post-secondary institutions primarily,   more››

Scientific Event

  • 20-Apr-12

PIMS/AMI Seminar: Takuji Arai

“Convex Risk Measures for Cadlag Processes on Orlicz Hearts”   more››

Scientific Event

  • 16-Apr-12

PIMS/AMI Seminar: Dong Li

“Bifurcation of solutions for the Navier-Stokes system”   more››

Scientific Event

  • 12-Apr-12

PIMS/AMI Seminar: Yu. M. Kabanov

“Arbitrage Theory for Markets with Transaction Costs”   more››

Scientific Event

  • 10-Apr-12

Mathematical Biology Seminar: Vlastimil Krivan

Consumer-resource dynamics beyond the Lotka-Volterra predator-prey model   more››

Scientific Event

  • 5-Apr-12

PIMS / AMI Seminar / Colloquium: Professor Amos Ron (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

“Extremely local wavelet bases in several dimensions”   more››

Scientific Event

  • 2-Apr-12

Mathematical Biology Seminar: Xihui (Eric) Lin

Multiple stable periodic solutions and global behavior of Hopf bifurcation in delayed models   more››

Scientific Event

  • 26-Mar-12

Mathematical Biology Seminar: Aditya Raghavan

An Integro-difference model for tropical plant populations   more››

Scientific Event