Program Requirements

Program requirements

Each student enrolled in the program is also to be registered as a graduate student in good standing in their home Department and University, and is to meet the requirements of that program. The student’s research area (planned or underway) is to be mathematical biology. It is expected that this research will involve both (i) the development of new mathematical, statistical or computational methods and (ii) the scientific application of these methods to biological systems.

For the IGTC program, mathematical biology includes the development of new mathematical, statistical and computational methods applied to biological systems.

In addition, the IGTC in Mathematical Biology program requirements are:


  • At least one semester of Mathematical Biology Seminar or equivalent.
  • Satisfactory completion of Mathematical Biology courses or equivalent (two one-semester courses for PhD students and one one-semester course for MSc students). These can be through regular term-time courses, or through short summer school courses that the program provides. Credit for summer course(s) at other PIMS universities can be received under the Western Deans’ Protocol.
  • Participation in at least one of the Annual Research Summits (a graduate-student research conference with professional development component, generally held on a weekend).
  • One student exchange (PhD students only). This will involve a visit to another PIMS institution to give a seminar, visit with a research group there, and receive feedback on the student’s research project.


These requirements must be met during the student’s graduate studies program. Typically the first two of these requirements would satisfy part of the regular Departmental coursework requirements as a graduate student.

The IGTC will help students meet the program requirements, through (i) facilitating new curriculum development and the sharing of course credits between universities (ii) assisting, as necessary, with the costs of student travel incurred in meeting the program requirements.

Students enrolled in the program will have their progress reviewed annually by the IGTC Review Panel, and those meeting the program requirements (see IGTC Program Description) will have their enrollment renewed.