Faculty Involvement

Faculty are encouraged to participate in the IGTC program. In particular IGTC fellows' supervisors are expected to be actively engaged in helping to develop the IGTC programme so as to enhance the PIMS universities training capacity in mathematical biology. Contributions from the supervisor can take the form of seminars, courses, mini-courses, workshops and related activities in mathematical biology. The intention is that these activities are accessible to the broader IGTC community. The IGTC will help faculty ensure the accessibility of activities within the IGTC program, including advertising, assisting with transfer credits, and providing travel funds as necessary.

When a student or prospective student applies for a fellowship, the supervisor/advisor must also provide two statements. The first statement should include details of their planned contribution to the IGTC curriculum development during the tenure of the award. The second statement must list the planned financial support for the student during their IGTC award (including teaching and research assistantships, scholarships, etc).