PIMS Current Scientific Events

  • 1-Apr-15

PIMS-UVic Distinguished Lecture: Shaun Fallat

Eigenvalues, Determinants, and Distribution of Rank: Towards Taussky Unification   more››

University of Victoria

  • 4-Apr-15

Bellingham Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Western Washington University, Bellingham

  • 7-Apr-15

Scientific Computation and Applied & Industrial Mathematics Seminar: Tyrone Phillips

Residual-based Discretization Error Estimation for Computational Fluid Dynamics   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 10-Apr-15

PIMS/CSC Distinguished Speaker Series: Omar Ghattas

Bayesian Inversion for Large Scale Antarctic Ice Sheet Flow   more››

Simon Fraser University

  • 20-Apr-15
  • 24-Apr-15
  • 25-Apr-15

The 3rd BC Combinatorics Day

University of Victoria

  • 25-Apr-15
  • 26-Apr-15

Cascade Topology Seminar

University of Victoria

  • 8-May-15
  • 9-May-15

Alberta Mathematics Dialogue

University of Lethbridge

  • 11-May-15
  • 15-May-15

Big Data in Environmental Science

University of British Columbia

  • 16-May-15
  • 17-May-15
  • 18-May-15
  • 29-May-15

PIMS-USASK Graduate Summer School: Applied Combinatorics

Applied Combinatorics   more››

University of Saskatchewan

  • 27-May-15
  • 29-May-15
  • 1-Jun-15
  • 4-Jun-15
  • 7-Jun-15
  • 27-Jun-15
  • 10-Jun-15

PIMS Marsden Memorial Lecture: Yann Brenier

From Euler to Born-Infeld, Fluids and Electromagnetism   more››

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

  • 10-Jun-15
  • 12-Jun-15
  • 11-Jun-15
  • 14-Jun-15

Theory Canada 10

University of Calgary

  • 12-Jun-15

Alberta Number Theory Days VII

Banff International Research Station (BIRS), Banff

  • 15-Jun-15
  • 11-Jul-15
  • 15-Jun-15
  • 19-Jun-15
  • 17-Jun-15
  • 21-Jun-15
  • 29-Jun-15
  • 10-Jul-15
  • 8-Jul-15
  • 11-Jul-15

Canadian Undergraduate Computer Science Conference

University of British Columbia, Okanagan

  • 13-Jul-15
  • 17-Jul-15
  • 5-Aug-15

Graduate Workshop on Target Benefits

University of Toronto

  • 17-Aug-15
  • 28-Aug-15
  • 17-Aug-15
  • 21-Aug-15
  • 24-Sep-15
  • 26-Sep-15

Conference on the Mathematics of Sea Ice

Simon Fraser University, Harbour Center Campus, Vancouver

  • 10-Jul-16
  • 14-Jul-16
  • 14-Aug-17
  • 18-Aug-17


Oaxaca, Mexico