PIMS Current Scientific Events

  • 20-Jun-19

PIMS - SFU Theory Seminar: Akbar Rafiey

Toward a Dichotomy for Approximation of H-coloring   more››

Simon Fraser University

  • 24-Jun-19
  • 26-Jun-19
  • 8-Jul-19

PIMS Algebraic Geometry Seminar

University of British Columbia

  • 10-Jul-19

Public Lecture in collaboration with the RASC (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada)

 Title: Seeing Black Holes with Light and Particles  ¬†Registration: Please click¬†   more››

University of Saskatchewan

  • 22-Jul-19
  • 25-Jul-19
  • 22-Jul-19
  • 2-Aug-19
  • 24-Jul-19

PIMS- UVictoria Public Lecture: Gerta Keller

DINOSAUR WARS: Extinction by Asteroid or Volcanism? Are we the Dinosaurs of the 6th Mass Extinction?   more››

University of Victoria

  • 12-Aug-19
  • 16-Aug-19
  • 12-Aug-19
  • 13-Aug-19

2019 Workshop on Variational Analysis and Optimization

University of British Columbia, Okanagan

  • 19-Aug-19
  • 23-Aug-19
  • 5-Sep-19

Diff. Geom, Math. Phys., PDE Seminar: Daoyuan Fang

TBA   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 11-Sep-19

Probability Seminar: Paul Jung

A Generalization to DAGs for Hierarchical Exchangeability   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 14-Sep-19
  • 15-Sep-19

63rd Cascade Topology Seminar

University of Manitoba

  • 17-Sep-19

Discrete Math Seminar: Bennet Goeckner

TBA   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 9-Oct-19

Math Biology Seminar: David Holloway

Leaf vein patterning: growth regulator dynamics of normal and transport-disrupted development   more››

University of British Columbia