PIMS Lunchbox Lectures

  • 18-May-10
  • 16-Mar-10
  • 28-Sep-09
  • 25-Jun-09

Financial derivatives - what's the big idea?

Calgary Place Tower (Shell)

  • 4-Jun-09

Unfair first-year calculus problems, with applications

A typical first-year calculus problem is the evaluation of       more››

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  • 24-Mar-09

Square Kilometre Array

Imagine a telescope that can see back almost to the beginning of time. A telescope that is 50 times more powerful than any other, one that can scan the skies 10,000 times faster than ever before. A telescope that will lead to endless discoveries   more››

Calgary Place Tower (Shell)

  • 18-Dec-08

Multi-Mode Wave Propagation in Anisotropic Media

Phaseshift operators are presented that enable planewave propagation through media that are transversely anisotropic. These operators propagate planewaves in all three spatial dimensions for all three components, and they are developed to reside   more››

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