PRIMA 2021 Summer School: Arithmetic geometry: theory and computation

  • Start Date: 08/02/2021
  • End Date: 08/04/2021



Arithmetic geometry: theory and computation


The Pacific Rim Mathematical Association Congress meets in December 2021. A number of summer schools will take place prior to the main event at the end of the year. This summer school is part of the PRIMA Special Session on Arithmetic geometry: theory and computation.



In this summer school, we cover two topics:(1) Brauer classes in moduli problems and arithmetic and (2) theory of rational curves and its arithmetic applications.


In (1), we cover Brauer classes, how they arise as obstructions on moduli spaces of sheaves, and how they can be used to obstruct rational points, highlighting recent links between the two.


In (2), we discuss deformation theory of rational curves and Mori’s famous Bend and Break technique as well as their applications to Geometric Manin’s Conjecture.



The lecture series contain introductory components as well as problem sessions and they aim for graduate students and postdocs.



This summer school is suitable for graduate students and postdoctorates interested in Arithmetic Geometry.



August 2nd - 4th
Each day in Pacific time


Time: (All times Pacific) 

10:00 — 11:30 Brauer Classes

17:00 - 18:30 Rational Curves


Other Information: 


$50CAD regular registration

Registration for this event will open in early May,