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We are in the process of migrating our media content to Mathtube is designed to make finding and viewing mathematical content as simple and easy as possible. Currently we are posting all new PIMS media to mathtube and in the future we intend to migrate our existing media archives there as well.



The following materials are in the process of being migrated to mathtube and will be removed as they are transfered.



Lectures (including Distinguished Chair lectures and selected lectures from conferences, mini-courses, BIRS workshops, and ceremonial occasions) can be accessed via video/audio streaming. JPEG images of transparencies are also available on the web page to accompany the video/audio.

In order to view these lectures you will need the Real Player software from RealNetworks. There should be a version which you can download for free. Presently the software is available for Windows, MacOS, Solaris, Linux and SCO. Check the RealNetworks site to see which versions of the different operating systems are supported. You will also need a sound card on your computer.

MP3 files are available for many of the lectures. They can be played using Real Player or by any software listed here. Popular players include XMMS for UNIX, Winamp for Windows, and MusicMatch for Macs and Windows. Here are some detailed instructions for setting up your browser to run an MP3 player.

We are currently putting our multimedia online. If you require access to any video or audio recordings, please do not hesitate to contact us at: