The PIMS Digital Collaboration Committee announces a call for proposals for the Innovative Use of Technology in Collaboration.

  • Date: 05/28/2021

During the past year, most mathematical interaction has taken place online. Mathematical Scientists and others have pioneered new ways and expanded existing ways of interacting (online lectures, seminars, conferences, research collaboration at small and large scales). This has revealed new possibilities, and in some case limitations of the collaboration tools available. PIMS mandate includes facilitating and enhancing collaboration in the mathematical sciences and we are interested in ideas for how to improve/increase interactions between mathematical scientists while limiting the carbon footprint. This call is for ideas/proposals for how PIMS can better support digital interactions through the innovative use of technology. Proposals can include a funding request of up to $5000 to implement or develop the ideas. Since Digital Interaction and Collaboration has a rapidly expanding horizon, the Committee encourages proposals for Digital Interaction and Collaboration, broadly construed. Proposals should be submitted by June 21, 2021.


To apply, a brief description of the proposed idea and planned expenditure is sufficient (with more detailed description for larger expenditures). Feel free to address questions about possible proposals to Anthony Quas (


Assessment Criteria:

The criteria to be used in assessing funding requests will include:


  • Scale of benefits [how broad a group of people benefits from the proposed expenditure? what impact will it have?]
  • Inclusion [does the proposed expenditure bring benefits of broadening/diversifying access to collaboration?]
  • Scalability of proposal [can the proposed idea, if successful, lead to larger scale benefits?]

Eligible Expenses:

Possible examples of eligible expenses for proposals could include:

  • Software licenses for interaction tools; For example Overleaf subscriptions, evernote subscription etc.
  • Equipment or software to improve the blended experience in face-to-face and online conferences, seminars or lectures; Examples might include document and other cameras, microphones, editing software etc.
  • Costs for booking/accessing existing collaboration infrastructure

This competition is not intended for:

  • The purchase of personal computer equipment; equipment such as tablets may be eligible if the equipment is purchased by your PIMS site and returned to the PIMS site following completion of your project
  • General funds to organize online conferences or seminars (those requests should be made throughthe PIMS Scientific Review Panel.