PIMS-CINVESTAV Mathematics of Oil Exploration Workshop

  • Start Date: 10/18/2007
  • End Date: 10/20/2007

Fernando Brambila (UNAM, Mexico)
Susana Gomez (UNAM, Mexico)
Jorge Velasco Hernandez (Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo, Mexico)
Felix Herrmann (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Maarten de Hoop (Purdue University, USA)
Gary Margrave (University of Calgary, Canada)
Fernando Olivera (PEMEX, Mexico)
Martin Romero (Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo, Mexico)
Hart Smith (University of Washington, USA), William Symes (Rice University, USA)


University of British Columbia


There will be ten 40-minute lectures by distinguished mathematical
scientists and researchers in oil exploration as well as sessions for
discussion of problems and future collaborations. It will be an
excellent opportunity to bring together experts from academia and
industry in the US, Canada and Mexico.
PIMS and CINVESTAV are leading mathematical sciences institutes in
Canada and Mexico (respectively) that have established a partnership to
hold collaborative meetings on topics of common interest involving
mathematics and its applications.


Part of the annual meeting of the Mexican Mathematical
Society in Monterrey, Mexico, October 18-19, 2007.



A.Adem (PIMS), I.Gitler (CINVESTAV & SMM) and G.Uhlmann (U.Washington).

For more information, see
or contact A.Adem at adem@pims.math.ca.
(updated Oct. 12, 2007)