Networks in Physics and Biology

  • Date: 02/15/2007

Maya Paczuski (Complexity Science Group)


Calgary Place Tower (Shell)


Dynamical processes associated with inhomogeneous network structure are proving themselves indispensable as the conceptual workhorse that quantitative science takes to dealing with biological, social and other complex phenomena. In this talk Dr. Paczuski will give an overview of the problems her group is attacking using network models and techniques combining graph analyses with statistical sampling. These results provide new insights and understanding about long-standing problems in both astrophysics (sunspots) and geophysics (seismicity). Graph analyses of sub-ensembles sampled from biological networks, such as protein interaction networks, give tools to quantify errors and determine the likelihood that detected features may be considered reliable. It also provides a host of measurements with which to constrain expectation values in models of these networks.

Other Information: 

PIMS is presenting a series of lectures at the Calgary Place Tower 1 in downtown Calgary. These lectures, given by experts from the PIMS Universities, will focus on mathematical techniques and applications relevant to the oil and gas industry and will demonstrate the utility and beauty of applied mathematics. The talks are aimed at a general audience. Attendance may qualify for APEGGA Professional Development Hours.