Computer-aided Detection of Breast Cancer

  • Date: 03/13/2007

Raj Rangayan (University of Calgary)


Calgary Place Tower (Shell)


The seminar will discuss the application of digital image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, content-based retrieval, data mining, and indexed atlas techniques to analyze mammograms for computer-aided diagnosis of breast cancer. The University of Calgary's latest work on the application of Gabor filters, phase portraits, and oriented texture analysis for the detection of architectural distortion will be described in detail.

Other Information: 

PIMS is presenting a series of lectures at the Calgary Place Tower 1 in downtown Calgary. These lectures, given by experts from the PIMS Universities, will focus on mathematical techniques and applications relevant to the oil and gas industry and will demonstrate the utility and beauty of applied mathematics. The talks are aimed at a general audience. Attendance may qualify for APEGGA Professional Development Hours.