2018 Calgary PIMS Datathon

  • Start Date: 06/23/2018
  • End Date: 06/24/2018

Calgary, Alberta


The Calgary PIMS Datathon is a project led by the data-driven communities of Calgary. Our city is made up of hundreds of communities like ours, and we believe it is the responsibility of these communities to contribute to the city’s overall success.


This datathon will create an opportunity for Calgarians to evaluate the open data provided by the City of Calgary’s Open Data Portal, and propose solutions to enhance the infrastructure. Such enhancements can include, but are not limited to, improving data connectivity, suggesting the collection new and relevant data points, and optimizing data usability.




The theme of this datathon is to build a healthy, green, and safe city

● Health: health and wellness, sports and recreation, education, etc.

● Green: environment, tourism & parks, etc.

● Safety: police, families and children, law and justices, road, driving, and transport, and safety and emergency services, etc.



Expected Outcome

Participants will be asked to develop a proposal that contributes to one of the topics listed in the theme. Proposals will include: 

● A map of the open source datasets aligned to their topic of choice

● A relevant analysis for the city to explore

● Suggestions for improving the quality of the data required for the analysis



Data-Driven Communities Involved


Calgary Artificial Intelligence

Civic Tech YYC

Analytics Calgary



For more information please contact 

Chel Hee Lee  

Chloe Smith