JUMP Math Day in Terrace, BC

  • Date: 10/19/2012
Dr. John Mighton and Liz Barrett 

Terrace, BC - R.E.M Lee Theatre, 4920 Straume Avenue


The Myth of Ability!


JUMP Math is pleased to announce JUMP Math Day in Terrace.


Keynote by Dr John Mighton: The Myth of Ability!


This session will be followed by Dr John Mighton guiding you in strategies
that aim to develop teacher confidence and encourage relooking at the math
so as to develop solid conceptual understanding of the math. Using JUMP
Math methods learn how to use strategies to encourage and nurture the
problem solver within each child. There will be two breakout sessions in
the afternoon:


Grades 1 - 4 Session: Liz Barrett Teacher Support and Outreach for JUMP
Math BC. The focus will be developing a solid Mental Math strategy,
teaching multiplication and division, math and art ideas and introduction
to Fractions


Grades 5 - 8 Session: John Mighton will look at the teaching of Integers,
Percentages and Ratio


Terrace, BC - R.E.M Lee Theatre, 4920 Straume Avenue, Terrace BC