How do I submit my event to PIMS to display on the Website?

To submit an event to be listed on our website this is the format we require to make the process smoother.

This is the required format:

  • Title
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Lecture Time (if applicable)
  • Event Type (General Event, CRG, Summer School, Lecture, Seminar, Other)
  • Location
  • Speakers or Lectures
  • Topic
  • Schedule
  • Description (if applicable)
  • Organizers (if applicable)
  • Sponsors
  • Other Information (if applicable)
  • Files to Download (if applicable)
  • Registration and Cost (if applicable)
  • Number of People Allowed to Register (if applicable)
  • Date Registration Closes (if applicable)


Please send this information along with anything else to